The search for lightness and three-dimensionality of shapes, a game of imperfect lines of empty volumes combined with natural stones: Kiyoko Hosoda’s creations represent the version of Lavgon’s style and fashion philosophy in goldsmiths, through a jewel that can be worn every day and suitable for all circumstances. On the occasion of the reopening of the Lavgon spaces, we invited Kiyoko Hosoda to present his new collection:

  • Thursday 16th July in via Galliari, 25 in Turin
  • Saturday 18 July in the farmhouse in via Emilio Guarnoni, 2 in Zinasco (Pavia)

The jewels will be displayed all day, while from 6 pm Kiyoko will cook for the participants culinary specialties from her home country.
After a musical education that led her to graduate in piano at the Nogoya conservatory, she moved to Italy, following her passion for handmade jewelry. Here he studied at the LAO jewelry school in Florence, the first Italian school dedicated to the study of goldsmiths, before finally embarking on the path of jewelry.
Kiyoko Hosoda designs and manufactures her 925 silver jewelry by hand. A limited edition production marked by the search for lightness and three-dimensional shapes, a game of imperfect lines, empty volumes combined with natural stones.

Telephone: 340 766 9684 [Lavinia]