About us

Lavgon is a workshop of ethical fashion, creative and artisanal couture.
It was born in 2004 in Italy, where still today all its collections are designed and produced.

Ethics + creative process = Lavgon

Lavgon was born from a personal and shared vision: the one of Michela and Lavinia, mother and daughter.

Lavgon manufacturing is a work in progress of innovative solutions.
The sacredness of the fabric, so precious that it is cut as little as possible, allows the creation of garments with a versatile, minimal and refined geometry, accompanied by an innate and playful use of color.

We have always offered timeless collections.
The first models still exist and are developed from season to season, innovating according to the choice of materials, colors and textures.
Color has always been an element of play: color block, patterned or patchwork, an explosive and joyful effect.
Items in evolution. Climate change has forced us to have a less defined seasonality, leading us to study intelligent overlapping, unusual combinations, unlined coats and accessories suitable for completing the outfit naturally.
Inclusive models that with their geometric cut accompany the woman’s body, a body in constant change.

Production is central: it is the fulfillment of life, an expression of creativity, pleasure and satisfaction for the whole Lavgon team.
Born from practice, the tailoring has never followed a predefined system, but has identified its own method, developed together with the team and the skills of each one.

The use of high quality raw materials, gratifying sight and touch, enriches the creation of each individual garment.
The research and selection of factories in the area, approaching the zero kilometer, allows the production of durable garments.
The relationship with suppliers is also based on empathy and mutual respect.
Natural fibers such as Moessmer wool or Mantero, Solbiati and then Clerici silks, or Pauli or Lebenskleidung organic cottons: GOTS certified fabrics that guarantee quality, respect for the environment and rights throughout the production chain.
True vegan alternative to wool: sweatshirt and jersey are sports fabrics that play down the most refined models, making them more versatile and transversal to the seasons.

The love for fabric and the material itself can inspire you to find solutions for their use. This is also why we consider ourselves artisans and not stylists or designers, because it is the direct contact with the material and the manufacturing that gives us the stimulus to create. ” – Michela

Upcycling allows you to bring the creative moment to the maximum because it is a challenge to your skills.” – Lavinia


At Cascina Gialla (Zinasco, Pavia).
Place of production, cooperation, life, art, sharing of knowledge and lasting relationships over time.

Work team

Lavgon’s team is made up of people with elective affinities. Working with us is a choice of sharing dictated by the enthusiasm for work and by everyone’s attention to the needs and quality of each employee. By cultivating individual peculiarities, value is created for everyone.

Female vision

We are a mixed laboratory, but we continue to maintain a feminine vision, a fluid attitude and ready for the unexpected!
To find a balance between work and family, one must have a soft and empathetic attitude. Supportive.